Tips for Building a Standardized Patient Program

One of the challenges for nursing and healthcare education programs that want to use simulation scenarios is deciding whether or not to use standardized patients (also called standardized participants or simulated patients, and referred to here as SPs going forward).

Manikins can provide very basic feedback for some simulation scenarios. Learning how to take vital signs, perform CPR, and invasive procedures like placing an NG tube are best used with manikins. However, as healthcare professionals progress in their education, and move out of the classroom and into a simulation lab, more fidelity is required, and SPs can be sought.

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Part I

Part II

These articles are based on a presentation by Jan Barber, MSN, RN, the Operations Manager / Education Planner for the RISE Center at Robert Morris University. “Building a Standardized Patient Program,” was presented at the SimPOW meeting of November 16, 2018, at Pocket Nurse Corporate Headquarters. To learn more about standardized patients in healthcare education, see the site for the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPEducators).

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